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Jarlsberg Cheese

Jarlsberg Cheese

SKU: 15G000

Approximately 8 ounce wedge. Jarlsberg Cheese Wedge is known around the world for its waxy, yellow rind, distinctively large holes, and its clean, rich, nutty flavor, making it easy to eat, easy to cook with and even easier to enjoy. The Jarlsberg Cheese Wedge has grown in popularity since it was launched internationally from Norway and its success lies in the secret recipe used to manufacture the cheese: the people who make it and their pride in the consistent delivery of a product with the same high quality and unique taste. Jarlsberg cheese is a mild, semi-soft, part skim cheese made from cow's milk and is famous around the world for its mild, sweet and nutty taste and its distinctively large, round holes. Jarlsberg is a very versatile cheese, whether you use it for a tasty slice on sandwiches, a shaved or grated topping on salads, cubed on a cheeseboard or on its own as a quick snack. What to Make With Jarlsberg Cheese? A Jarlsberg Cheese Wedge in your kitchen is a versatile and delicious tool to create something extraordinary, even if it's just a grilled Jarlsberg cheese sandwich. Turn an ordinary burger into a delectable cheeseburger, use it for creamy, sweet and savory apple and bacon turnovers, in seafood gratin and savory shortbreads, make a Jarlsberg cheese dip or use it anywhere you need an exceptional cheese to maximize your flavors. What Does Part Skim Mean? In general, skim cheese can mean that some fat has been removed from the milk. Most full-skim cheeses are made as aged cheeses and tend to be harder and grainier than whole milk cheeses because the fat that would have made them soft has been removed from the milk. In whole milk cheeses, fat balances the proteins in emulsification, but when there's not enough fat to provide this balance, the proteins can form grainy deposits. With Jarlsberg cheese, some of the fat is left in the milk. This is why Jarlsberg has its signature soft, smooth and creamy flavor and texture and melts so perfectly!

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