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Click the icon to view a news feature from WCCO Channel 4 television in Rochester, Minnesota depicting Norsland Lefse’s busy lefse-making holiday season in December 2010. Note:  Be Patient–It’s worth the wait! (Quicktime Required) Read what Editor, Jason Sethre had to say about breakfast at Norsland Lefse in his “Real Bites” column Fillmore County Journal, January 17, 2011 Norsland Lefse - December 2010.mp4 Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and Us Weekly,™ Jill Martin, gives Norsland’s own Carolyn Johnson a dynamite new fall look. Norsland in the News... Visit KARE’s “Trippin’ with Perk” Episode about Rushford, including Norsland Lefse!

KAAL Channel 6 TV, 1/28/2013 - “Made in the Midwest: Lefse, Just Like Grandma’s.”  (Video)

Love it in Minnesota!!!  Norsland Lefse was featured in the December 2013 issue of Food Network Magazine’s “On the Road” section for favorite foods across the nation.  (Page 240)


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