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For Our Distributors

The Norsland Tradition:  

The best lefse on the market...and more!

What is lefse? 

Lefse is a Scandinavian bread that looks much like a very large, soft flour tortilla, except that it is made from potatoes.  Our lefse has a moist, tender consistency and a rich potato aroma and flavor–the true measure of quality lefse.   The recipe and the baking process is the same as that used by Grandma for decades.  Spread with butter and sprinkle with either white or brown sugar and you have a traditional Scandinavian treat.  Or get creative and use it for wraps or tasty appetizers.  The possibilities are endless! 

1-Norsland lefse (32).JPG
Norsland’s fresh lefse ingredients  

Norsland Lefse is made from real potatoes (not dried flakes), white enriched flour, cholesterol-free vegetable oil (soybean, not palm or coconut oil) and a dash of salt.  Grandma didn’t add preservatives to her lefse and neither do we, so you can provide wholesome goodness and great taste to your health-conscious customers.

About Norsland Lefse  

Norsland Lefse has been producing traditional Scandinavian potato lefse since 1986 from its store in the small rural community of Rushford, located in Southeastern Minnesota.   Through the years we’ve perfected the rolling process to produce consistently thin, mouth-watering rounds that are carefully baked, cooled and packaged for shipping to your location year round.

Norsland Lefse (4).JPG


  • Each 8-oz package of Norsland Lefse contains two (2) 15” rounds

  • One case = 24 packages (48 rounds)

  • Bright red, white and blue Scandinavian flag on the package displays well without added work for you

  • Packages are nitrogen-flushed to preserve the high quality and freshness

  • Special bags prevent oxygen penetration

  • Packaging protects the lefse from damage, much like a potato chip bag

  • Shelf life is 1 week refrigerated or 6 months frozen; delivered frozen, and can be sold frozen or thawed in freezer, dairy or meat case.

We at Norsland guarantee our products so you can be sure of a hassle-free distributor experience.  Check us out!

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Uffda! Chips

Norsland’s little chip with a BIG flavor–the full-bodied goodness of our famous lefse DEEP-FRIED!  
It’s snackdillyicious!

Two Flavors:
●    Cinnamon & Sugar
●    Seasoned Salt (Contains garlic, onion, paprika and other spices)

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Presenting Ole & Lena's pickles, packaged exclusively for Norsland Lefse and available to all of our distributors.

These unique flavors are bound to meet the needs of any taste palate. Traditional and unique flavors that will get the table conversation started quickly. 

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Jams & Jellies

In these tough economic times, Ole & Lena have been hard at it making lip-smacking jams and jellies from just about anything!


Check out their unique flavors, then try them out with bread and butter or over a round of delicious Norsland Lefse.


They’re sure to make you smile!

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Salsa & Sauces

Ole & Lena's Salsas - thick and chunky with just the right amount of heat! From Apple Salsa to Five Amigos, you'll find just the right flavor mix for your customers.


And Ole & Lena have been busy creating delicious sauces and relishes to pep up any meal. Check out all the flavors.

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Uff Da! Novelties

No one ever said life would be easy, and "Uff Da!" novelties tell it all.  Stock up on these cuties and let the giggles begin! 

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